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Migration and Society

Advances in Research

Aims & Scope

Migration is at the heart of the transformation of societies and communities and touches the lives of people across the globe. Migration and Society is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal advancing debate about emergent trends in all types of migration. We invite work that situates migration in a wider historical and societal context, including attention to experiences and representations of migration, critical theoretical perspectives on migration, and the social, cultural, and legal embeddedness of migration. Global in its scope, we particularly encourage scholarship from and about the global South as well as the North.

The second issue of Migration and Society will include a combination of general articles and reflections in addition to a special themed section which is being guest edited by Dr Jelena Tosic and Dr Annika Lems. The contributions in the special themed section will shed light on different patterns of im/mobilities in, from and between Europe and Africa. By focusing on migrants' perspectives on their struggles to reach European shores and cross borders, their experience of being stuck in transit, their dreams and experiences of Europe as well as their decision to leave it behind, this section will explore the long-standing and unequal interconnectedness of Europe and Africa. The guest editors and authors will argue that rather than fortifying divisions, current patterns of im/mobilities are a testimony to the strong social, historical and political connections between the two continents and that current patterns of im/mobility cannot be understood beyond these long (postcolonial) histories of interrelationship. Through in-depth ethnographic case studies the individual papers will show the historical embeddedness of such trajectories- how they do not appear 'out of the blue', but have their own histories and follow their own temporal logic.

Migration and Society continues to invite and accept - on a rolling basis - full length articles, contributions for our People and Places section, reflections on teaching migration studies and submissions for our Creative Encounters section, in addition to book reviews and review essays.

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Current Issue

Volume 1, 2018

Forthcoming Issue

Volume 2, 2019

African-European trajectories of im/mobility: Exploring entanglements of experiences, legacies and regimes of contemporary migration

Guest edited by Annika Lems and Jelena Tošic

Mette Louise Berg, Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Jo Waters

Jelena Tošic and Annika Lems

Research Articles

Migration as survival: Withheld stories and the limits of ethnographic know-ability
Gerhild Perl

Moving-with-others: restoring viable relations in emigrant Gambia
Paolo Gaibazzi

"Looking for one’s life": Trapped mobilities and adventure in Morocco
Sebastien Bachelet

The Long Homecoming: Ghanaian Migrant Businesses and Power in Veneto, Italy
Hans Lucht

“My visa application was denied, I decided to go anyway”: Interpreting, experiencing and contesting visa policies and the (im)mobility regime in Algeria
Farida Souiah

People and Places: Hostile environments

'Windrush generation’ and ‘hostile environment’: symbols and lived experiences in Caribbean migration to the U.K.
Huon Wardle and Laura Obermuller

Enforcing Apartheid? The Politics of ‘Intolerability’ in the Danish Migration and Integration Regimes
Julia Suárez Krabbe and Annika Lindberg

People and Places

‘Coaching’ Queer: Hospitality and the Categorical Imperative of LGBTQ Asylum Seeking in Lebanon and Turkey
Aydan Greatrick


'Refuge’ and history: a critical reading of a polemic
Benjamin White

Creative Encounters

Topographies; Thanatos
Eleni Philippou

Book Reviews

Jessie Blackbourn, Estella Carpi, Naluwembe Binaisa, Sandy F. Chang, Katja Swider, Magdalena Kubal-Czerwinska, Kristy Belton

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