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The International Journal of Travel and Travel Writing

Aims & Scope

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Journeys is an interdisciplinary journal that explores travel as a practice and travel writing as a genre, reflecting the rich diversity of travel and journeys as social and cultural practices as well as their significance as metaphorical processes. The dual focus on experience and genre makes Journeys unique among scholarly journals concerning travel and is intended to draw into conversation scholars in such varied disciplines as anthropology, literary studies, social history, religious studies, human geography, and cultural studies.

Subjects: Anthropology, Travel Writing, Tourism

Forthcoming Issue

Volume 19, Issue 2, Winter 2018


Counting Up the Lies: A Self-Reflexive Investigation of Craft and Fictionalization in a Modern Travel Book
Tim Hannigan

A “Steady Eye” in “A Moving World”: Comparative Perspectives on Travel Writing and Narrative Ethnography in V. S. Naipaul and Andrew Beatty
Jörg Lehmann and Thomas Stodulka

Edwin Abbott’s Flatland and Victorian Anthropology
Valerie M. Smith

Performing Identity: Early Seventeenth-Century Travelers to the Ruins of Troy
Vassiliki Markidou

More Than Souvenirs: Lady Annie Brassey’s Curated Collections
Alison Clark, Catherine Harvey, Louise Kenward, and Julian Porter

Review Article

Unsolid Ground
Felipe Fernández-Armesto

Book Reviews

Siobhan Carroll, An Empire of Air and Water: Uncolonizable Space in the British Imagination, 1750–1850 (2015)
Reviewed by Lourdes Zamanillo Tamborrel and Joseph M. Cheer

Ann Brigham, American Road Narratives: Reimagining Mobility in Literature and Film (2015)
Reviewed by Jeet Dogra

Sue Beeton, Film-Induced Tourism (2016)
Reviewed by Irina Herrschner

Michael Carroll, Greece: A Literary Guide for Travellers (2017)
Reviewed by David Wills

John Eade and Mario Katic (eds.), Military Pilgrimage and Battlefield Tourism: Commemorating the Dead (2017)
Reviewed by Petra Kavrecic

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