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Journal of Legal Anthropology

Aims & Scope

The Journal of Legal Anthropology (JLA) is a peer-reviewed journal committed to anthropological understandings of socio-legal and cultural encounters. The journal develops ethnographic and theoretical approaches to a wide range of issues that reveal the significance and presence of legal phenomena in everyday life.

Articles, review essays, and book reviews published in the JLA emphasize innovative work and data-led analysis across a range of socio-political and socio-cultural legal contexts. The journal also considers, in broad terms, how the legal may enter into social constructions of persons and how the 'legal' might change meaning in terms of particular 'everyday' interpretations. Together with the journal's forum section, the JLA draws on cross-disciplinary exchanges to demonstrate how anthropology can effectively contribute to the current debates on contemporary socio-legal and related issues.

Subjects: Anthropology, Socio-legal Studies

Call for Papers: Winter 2019

Current Issue

Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring 2018


Bringing into View: Knowledge Fields and Sociolegal Phenomena
Narmala Halstead


From Hope to §3-1: Legal Selves and Imaginaries in the Wake of Substance Treatment Reform in Norway
Aleksandra Bartoszko

Life at a Tangent to Law: Regulations, ‘Mistakes’ and Personhood amongst Kigali’s Motari
Will Rollason

Cutting the Face: Kinship, State and Social Media Conflict in Networked Jordan
Geoffrey Fitzgibbon Hughes

Sentimentalizing Persons and Things: Creating Normative Arrangements of Bodies through Courtroom Talk
Jonas Bens


Cosmopolitan Politesse: Goodness, Justice, Civil Society
Nigel Rapport


Reflections on Cosmopolitan Politesse with Perspectives from Papua New Guinea
Eric Hirsch

Justice, Loyalty and Cosmopolitan Politesse in Mauritius
Thomas Hylland Eriksen

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: A Response to Nigel Rapport’s ‘Cosmopolitan Politesse
Marilyn Strathern


Being Inside and Outside Social Relations
Nigel Rapport


Love Is Love: The Recent Jason Jones Judgement in Trinidad and Tobago
Dylan Kerrigan

Book Reviews

Making Kin Not Population: Reconceiving Generations, edited by A. Clark and D. Haraway (2018)
Review by Michael Connors Jackman

Law and Property in Algeria: Anthropological Perspectives, edited by Yazid Ben Hounet (2018)
Review by Adeel Khan

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