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European Judaism

A Journal for the New Europe

Aims & Scope

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Published in association with the Leo Baeck College and the Michael Goulston Education Foundation.

For more than 50 years, European Judaism has provided a voice for the postwar Jewish world in Europe. It has reflected the different realities of each country and helped to rebuild Jewish consciousness after the Holocaust.

The journal offers stimulating debates exploring the responses of Judaism to contemporary political, social, and philosophical challenges; articles reflecting the full range of contemporary Jewish life in Europe, and including documentation of the latest developments in Jewish-Muslim dialogue; new insights derived from science, psychotherapy, and theology as they impact upon Jewish life and thought; literary exchange as a unique exploration of ideas from leading Jewish writers, poets, scholars, and intellectuals with a variety of documentation, poetry, and book reviews section; and book reviews covering a wide range of international publications.

"European Judaism makes an important contribution to the quest for a global ethic. It explores the inner workings of the Jewish world, with particular insight into the psychological and spiritual challenges of life after the Shoah. But at the same time it is a medium for dialogue, examining in particular the relationship between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It is indeed a journal for the 'new' Europe."  —Prof. Dr. Hans Kueng, Tuebingen

"By setting current problems and issues against the background of tradition with such scholarly precision and insight, European Judaism is making an invaluable contribution to the effort to restore to European Jewry the continuity which was so tragically ruptured during the Holocaust." —Karen Armstrong

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Subjects: Jewish Studies

Forthcoming Issue

Volume 51, Issue , Autumn 2017

Jonathan Magonet

The Legacy

Lionel Blue's Food for the Soul
Rabbi Howard Cooper

Rabbi Blue and Durham University
Henry Dyson

Lionel Blue and the Remaking of Forms of Prayer
Eric Friedland

A Pioneer of Interfaith Dialogue
Rabbi Michael Hilton

'The Three Hums'
Rabbi Jeffrey Newman

Blue's Heaven: A Theological Recollection
Drorah O'Donnell Setel

A Visit
Awraham Soetendorp

The Pioneer
Rabbi Daniel Smith

Lionel Our Teacher
Rabbi Alexandra Wright



Interview with Lionel Blue, 1965

Religion and Organisation

Jews and Arabs



Changing Gear but not Direction

Try the Semaritans

Some Final Jottings

Lionel Blue Bibliography
Collected by Dr Annette M. Boeckler

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