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Journal Contributors' Page

Dear Journal Contributor,

Please find below important information and guidelines for Berghahn Journal article authors.

Using your own Article

Berghahn works in close collaboration with its editors and contributors to ensure your rights as an author and the fair dissemination of authors' articles.

Our agreements are designed to ensure that priority is given to the best interests of the overall academic community which Berghahn, as a long-time scholarly publisher, serves.

  • Terms & Conditions

    Please refer to the following usage rights for your article (in print or electronic format). Use of the PDF file or printed article denotes consent to these terms and conditions.

    Provided the Work is always identified as having first been published by the Journal, you are assured the following rights:

    • The right to be identified as the author of the Work whenever it is initially published or reproduced;
    • The right to make and distribute copies of all or part of the Work for use in teaching;
    • The right to use and distribute the Work internally at the Author's place of employment for education or research purposes;
    • The right to use figures and tables, prepared by yourself, from the Work for any purpose;
    • The right to republish all or part of the material contained in the Work in a book-length literary work by the Author, or in a collection of the Author's work;
    • The right to make oral presentations of material from the Work.
  • Reprinting your article

    As the author of an article published in a Berghahn journal, you can reprint your own work without formal permission from Berghahn. As a courtesy, we ask that you acknowledge the original publication of the work (whether as a complete duplication or a revised version of the article) with publication details. This can be done in the form of a foot- or endnote or on the copyright page.

    For example:′This article was originally published as ...′or An earlier version of this chapter/Chapter X was originally published as ...

    [Author], ["Title"], [Journal], Vol. X, No. Y (Year): pp-pp - Berghahn Books (or Journal name or publishing partner, as specified in the journal).

    Please note that third-party publications in which the author is not directly involved, such as anthologies or readers, may require specific permission from the publisher.

  • Author Self-archiving and Institutional Repositories

    After the embargo period specified in the Journal's copyright agreement has passed, you may post the final, post-print version of your article on your own website, on your institution's website or in their repository, and on any freely available sites serving your subject area.

    The institutional repository record should provide an acknowledgement along the following lines together with a link to the Journal's site:

    "This is a post-peer-review, pre-copyedited version of an article published in [insert journal title]. The definitive publisher-authenticated version [insert complete citation information here] is available online at: [insert URL here]"

  • Publisher PDF

    Please note that you are not permitted to post the Berghahn Journals publisher-authenticated PDF version of the Article online.

  • Author Usage not Specified

    For additional information regarding any use of your printed article or the PDF file not addressed in the above, please contact the Berghahn rights manager directly and we will be happy to advise you.