Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies

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Chief Editor: Gijs Mom, Eindhoven University of Technology

Transfers: Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies is a peer-reviewed journal publishing cutting-edge research on the processes, structures and consequences of the movement of people, resources, and commodities. Intellectually rigorous, broadly ranging, and conceptually innovative, the journal combines the empiricism of traditional mobility history with more recent methodological approaches from the social sciences and the humanities.

The journal's scholarly essays, book and exhibit reviews, artwork and photography, as well as special features provide a rich variety of perspectives that include: analyses of the past and present experiences of vehicle drivers, passengers, pedestrians, migrants, and refugees; accounts of the arrival and transformation of mobility in different nations and locales; and investigations of the kinetic processes of global capital, technology, chemical and biological substances, images, narratives, sounds, and ideas.

Convened around a broad conception of mobility, Transfers provides an interdisciplinary platform to explore the ways in which experiences of mobility have been enabled, shaped and mediated across time and through technological advances.

African Mobilities
Latin America & Caribbean
Media and Mobility
Moving Asia on the Move

Subjects: History, Cultural Studies, Migration


Volume 5(3), Winter 2015

Deborah Breen and Gijs Mom

Underground Theater: Theorizing Mobility through Modern Subway Dramas 
Suuny Stalter-Pace

Invisible Cyclists and Disappearing Cycles: The Challenges of Cycling Policies in Indian Cities
Rutul Joshi and Yogi Joseph

SPECIAL SECTION on Settler-Colonial Mobilities

Introduction: Special Section on Settler-Colonial Mobilities
Georgine Clarsen

The "Missing Link": Space, Race, and Transoceanic Ties in the Settler-Colonial Pacific
Frances Steel

Beyond Blank Spaces: Five Tracks to Late Nineteenth-Century Beltana
Samia Khatun

Mobility Stopped in Its Tracks: Institutional Narratives and the Mobile in the Australian and New Zealand Colonial World, 1870s–1900s
Catharine Coleborne

"Turban-clad" British Subjects: Tracking the Circuits of Mobility, Visibility, and Sexuality in Settler Nation-Making
Nadia Rhook

Commentary: Breathing Fresh Air into Mobility Studies from Down Under
Clapperton Chakanetsa Mavhunga


Culture Constraints of High-Speed Rail in the United States: A Perspective from American Exceptionalism
Zhenhua Chen


Innovation through Collaboration: Celebrating the Work of El Hadji Sy and Laboratoire AGIT'ART
Carol Dixon


Contingency and Constraint: African-American Migration as Seen through Jacob Lawrence's "Migration" Series 
Deborah Breen


Indigenous Mobility and Settler State Transfer: The Exiles in Historical Context
Ho’esta Mo’e’hahne and Alex Trimble Young


John Lennon, Boxcar Politics: The Hobo in U.S. Culture and Literature, 1869-1956
Jennifer Hagen Forsberg

Grégoire Chamayou, A Theory of the Drone
Adam Rothstein

Bridget T. Chalk, Modernism and Mobility: The Passport and Cosmopolitan Experience
Alicia Rix

Ana Cardoso de Matos and Magda Pinheiro, eds., História, Património e Infraestruturas do Caminho de Ferro: Visões do Passado e Perspetivas do Futuro
Hugo Silveira Pereira

Nigel Thrift, Adam Tickell, Steve Woolgar and William F. Rupp, eds., Globalization in Practice
Regine Buschauer

Marlis Schweitzer, Transatlantic Broadway: The Infrastructural Politics of Global Performance
Sunny Stalter-Pace

Michel Serres, Thumbelina: The Culture and Technology of Millennials
Steven D. Spalding


Taiye Selasi, Ghana Must Go
Lindsey Zanchettin