Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies

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Chief Editor: Gijs Mom, Eindhoven University of Technology

Transfers: Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies is a peer-reviewed journal publishing cutting-edge research on the processes, structures and consequences of the movement of people, resources, and commodities. Intellectually rigorous, broadly ranging, and conceptually innovative, the journal combines the empiricism of traditional mobility history with more recent methodological approaches from the social sciences and the humanities.

The journal's scholarly essays, book and exhibit reviews, artwork and photography, as well as special features provide a rich variety of perspectives that include: analyses of the past and present experiences of vehicle drivers, passengers, pedestrians, migrants, and refugees; accounts of the arrival and transformation of mobility in different nations and locales; and investigations of the kinetic processes of global capital, technology, chemical and biological substances, images, narratives, sounds, and ideas.

Convened around a broad conception of mobility, Transfers provides an interdisciplinary platform to explore the ways in which experiences of mobility have been enabled, shaped and mediated across time and through technological advances.

African Mobilities
Latin America & Caribbean
Media and Mobility
Moving Asia on the Move

Subjects: History, Cultural Studies, Migration


Volume 5(2), Summer 2015

Sunny Stalter-Pace and Gijs Mom

Urban Railways in Buenos Aires: Spatial and Social Alienation in the Documentary Film El tren blanco
Benjamin Fraser

“The Song They Sing Is the Song of the Road”: Motoring and the Semantics of Space in Early Twentieth-Century British Travel Writing
Martin Walter

Airlines, Interstates, and the Creation of “Flyover Country” in the United States
Anthony Harkins

When Roads Cannot Be Used: The Use of Trained Elephants for Emergency Logistics, Off -Road Conveyance, and Political Revolt in South and Southeast Asia
Jacob Shell

Reviving Roadkill? Animals in the New Mobilities Studies
Sandra Swart

The War of Legs: Transport and Infrastructure in the East African Campaign of World War I
Michael Pesek


Architectural Pilgrimage
Joshua Nash


A última aventura (The last adventure)
Romy Pocztaruk


Savants and Surgeons: Exhibiting South Australia’s Maritime History
Craig Middleton


Mapping South African Identity
Florian Krobb


Bronwen Douglas, Science, Voyages, and Encounters in Oceania, 1511–1850
Nicole Starbuck

David Lipset and Richard Handler, eds., Vehicles: Cars, Canoes, and Other Metaphors of Moral Imagination
Rudi Volti

Kathryn A. Morrison and John Minnis, Carscapes: The Motor Car, Architecture and Landscape in England
John Mohr

Sumanth Gopinath and Jason Stanyek, eds., The Oxford Handbook of Mobile Music Studies, 2 vols.
Michael D’Errico

Anna Morcom, Illicit Worlds of Indian Dance: Cultures of Exclusion
Kabita Chakraborty

Maarten Van Acker, From Flux to Frame: Designing Infrastructure and Shaping Urbanization in Belgium
Nathalie Roseau

Garth Lean, Russell Staiff, and Emma Waterton, eds., Travel and Imagination and Travel and Transformation
Christopher Keirstead

Iain Borden, Drive: Journeys through Film, Cities and Landscapes
Fabian Kröger

Jonathan R. Wynn, The Tour Guide: Walking and Talking New York
Matilde Cordoba Azcarate


Richard Flanagan, The Narrow Road to the Deep North
Paul Sharrad