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A Journal of Social and Political Theory

Aims & Scope

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Theoria is an engaged, multidisciplinary and peer-reviewed journal of social and political theory. Published every quarter, its purpose is to address, through academic debate, the many challenges posed by the major social, political and economic forces that shape the contemporary world, especially but not only with regard to Africa, the global South, and their relations with the global North. Theoria wishes to promote discussion of and writing about social and political theory in any form and from any time and place, regardless of ideological perspective and methodological approach. It is particularly interested in how modern systems of power, and traditional and emergent forms of politics, bear on the central questions in social and political theory, such as democracy, freedom, equality, justice, race, gender and identity.

The journal publishes full and original articles, review essays and book reviews. 

"Theoria is a journal which does not shy from the daunting task of dealing with issues which are not only increasingly complex but for which we no longer can make easy appeal to the certainty of foundations to answer. It deals with global issues in an authentically global way - it is interdisciplinary and intercultural in the very best sense of those terms and it understands that theory is one of the most important practices in which we can engage." —Professor James Buchanan, Xavier University

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'Turner and his Times'

Subjects: Social and Political Theory, Literature, Philosophy, History

Current Issue

Number 147, June 2016


Special Issue: Empire and Economics



Empire and Economics: Decolonising Colonialism and Its Legacies in Africa
Lawrence Hamilton


Invoking a World of Ideas: Theory and Interpretation in the Justification of Colonialism
David Boucher

‘The Expenditure of a Million of British Sovereigns in this Otherwise Miserable Place’: Frontier Wars, Public Debt and the Cape’s Non-racial Constitution
Jeff Peires

The Keys to the Economic Kingdom: State Intervention and the Overcoming of Dependency in Africa before the Crisis of the 1970s
Bill Freund

The Economics of Decolonisation: Institutions, Education and Elite Formation
Nicola Viegi

Book Review

Darius in the Shadow of Alexander by Pierre Briant
Dmitry Shlapentokh

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