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Interdisciplinary Journal of Siberian Studies

Aims & Scope

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Sibirica is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal covering all aspects of the region and relations to neighboring areas, such as Central Asia, East Asia, and North America.

The journal publishes articles, research reports, conference and book reviews on history, politics, economics, geography, cultural studies, anthropology, and environmental studies. It provides a forum for scholars representing a wide variety of disciplines from around the world to present findings and discuss topics of relevance to human activities in the region or directly relevant to Siberian studies.

The editors aim to foster a scholarly discussion among people with the most varied backgrounds and points of view. Submissions are welcomed from scholars ranging from the humanities to the natural sciences. Articles that discuss other geographical areas but make direct comparisons with Siberian peoples will be considered.

Since 2008, the journal has aimed to publish one article or significant research report in Russian per volume (only the title and abstract are translated into English). All articles in Russian will be peer-reviewed and edited to the highest standards, as are all the articles published in the journal. Sibirica will continue translating articles into English as well, but the Editors have decided that the journal should not let the limitations of translation services restrict the content of the journal.

Subjects: Anthropology, Siberian Studies

Current Issue

Volume 15 Issue 1, Spring 2016


Special Issue on Northern Mobilities


Patterns of Evenki Mobility in Eastern Siberia 
Karl Mertens

Making Lobsticks: Traveling Trails with Teetł’it Gwich’in
Jan Peter Laurens Loovers

Trickster Lessons in Early Canadian Indigenous Communities
Carolyn Podruchny

Reindeer Herders’ Communities of the Siberian Taiga in Changing Social Contexts
Konstantin Klokov


Siberian Newspapers of the Russian Empire and USSR Periods: Issues of Conservation, Digitization, and Scientific Use
Viacheslav Shevtsov


Ashild Kolas and Yuanyuan Xie, eds., Reclaiming the Forest: The Ewenki Reindeer Herders of Aoluguya
Kendall House

Erich Kasten and Tjeerd de Graaf, eds., Sustaining Indigenous Knowledge: Learning Tools and Community Initiatives for Preserving Endangered Languages and Local Cultural Heritage
Alexander King

Vladimir Davydov, Nikolai Karbainov, Veronica Simonova, and Veronica Tselishcheva Aginskaia Street, Tanets s Ognem i Aliuminivye Strely: Prisvoenie Kul’turnykh Landshaftov
Karl Mertens


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