Social Analysis

The International Journal of Social and Cultural Practice

Aims & Scope

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Editor-in-Chief: Bruce Kapferer, University of Bergen

Social Analysis has long been at the forefront of anthropology's engagement with the humanities and other social sciences. In forming a critical, concerned, and empirical perspective, it encourages contributions that break away from the disciplinary bounds of anthropology and suggest innovative ways of challenging hegemonic paradigms through "grounded theory," analysis based in original empirical research.

The journal invites contributions directed toward a critical and theoretical understanding of cultural, political, and social processes. It is available for the publication of information and discussion by active ethnographic researchers into the forces involved in the production of human suffering, poverty, prejudice, war, and violence. The main thrust of the journal is toward publishing material that presents a critical and concerned anthropology.

Social Analysis is moving to 4 issues in 2015!

Subjects: Anthropology, Politics, International Relations

Current Issue

Volume 58 • Issue 1 • Spring 2014


Edited by D. S. Farrer



Introduction: Cross-Cultural Articulations of War Magic and Warrior Religion
D. S. Farrer

Tangki War Magic: The Virtuality of Spirit Warfare and the Actuality of Peace
Margaret Chan

Javanese Kanuragan for Invulnerability, Social Status, and Spiritual Improvement
Jean-Marc de Grave

Discourse of Decline: Local Perspectives on Magic in Highland Jambi, Indonesia
J. David Neidel

Encompassing Empowerment in Ritual, War, and Assassination: Tantric Principles in Tamil Tiger Instrumentalities
Michael Roberts

Shamanic Battleground: Magic, Sorcery, and Warrior Shamanism in Venezuela
Željko Jokić

Chants of Re-enchantment: Chamorro Spiritual Resistance to Colonial Domination
D. S. Farrer and James D. Sellmann

War Magic and Just War in Indian Tantric Buddhism
Iain Sinclair