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The Journal for Movies and Mind

Aims & Scope

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Published in association with The Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image 

Projections: The Journal for Movies and Mind is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that explores how the mind experiences, understands, and interprets the audiovisual and narrative structures of cinema and other visual media. Recognizing cinema as an art form, the journal aims to integrate established traditions of analyzing media aesthetics with current research into perception, cognition, and emotion, according to frameworks supplied by philosophy of mind, phenomenology, psychology, and the cognitive-and neurosciences. The journal seeks to facilitate a dialogue between scholars in these disciplines and bring the study of moving image media to the forefront of contemporary intellectual debate.

Submissions are welcomed from a variety of scholarly methods within the humanities and the sciences, from aesthetic to empirical, theoretical, and historical approaches. We especially welcome interdisciplinary approaches that bridge the traditional humanities/sciences division. Accordingly, we invite and consider several forms of submission. Please read the submission guidelines carefully to ensure that your submission aligns with the particular requirements for each format.

Subjects: Film Studies 

Current Issue

Volume 12, Issue 2 (Winter 2018)

From the Editor
Ted Nannicelli

Symposium on Murray Smith’s Film, Art, and the Third Culture

Film, Art, and the Third Culture: A Naturalized Aesthetics of Film—Précis
Murray Smith

A Moderately Pessimistic Perspective on “Cooperative Naturalism”
David Davies

Naturalized Aesthetics and Criticism: On Value Judgments
Laura T. Di Summa-Knoop

Embodied Seeing-In, Empathy, and Expansionism
Joerg Fingerhut

Collaboration in the Third Culture
Stacie Friend

Naturalizing Aesthetic Experience: The Role of (Liberated) Embodied Simulation
Vittorio Gallese

FACT Is a Fact of Both Life and Art
Jerrold Levinson

Questions about Aesthetic Experience
Paisley Livingston

Naturalized Aesthetics and Emotion Theory
Rainer Reisenzein

“Mind the Gap”: Between Movies and Mind, Affective Neuroscience, and the Philosophy of Film
Jane Stadler

The Role of Scientific Research in Film Theory
Katherine Thomson-Jones

Putting the Culture into Bioculturalism: A Naturalized Aesthetics and the Challenge of Modernism
Dominic Topp

Film, Art, and the Third Culture—A Response
Murray Smith


Ivan Mozzhukhin’s Acting Style: Beyond the Kuleshov Effect
Johannes Riis

A Pragmatic Framework for the Cognitive Study of Documentary
Catalin Brylla and Mette Kramer

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