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Museum Worlds

Advances in Research

Aims & Scope

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Museum Worlds: Advances in Research is a multidisciplinary, refereed, annual journal that publishes work that significantly advances knowledge of global trends, case studies, and theory relevant to museum practice and scholarship around the world.

Responding to the need for a rigorous, in-depth review of current work in its field, Museum Worlds: Advances in Research contributes to the ongoing formation of Museum Studies as an academic and practical area of research that is rapidly expanding and alive with potential, opportunity, and challenge that parallels the rapid growth of museums in just about every part of the world.

Museum Worlds aims to trace and comment on major regional, theoretical, methodological, and topical themes and debates, and to encourage comparison of museum theories, practices, and developments in different global settings. Each issue includes a conversation piece on a current topic, as well as peer-reviewed scholarly articles and review articles, book and exhibition reviews, and news on developments in museum studies and related curricula in different parts of the world. Drawing on the expertise and networks of a global Editorial Board of senior scholars and museum practitioners, the journal both challenges and develops the core concepts that link different disciplinary perspectives on museums by bringing new voices into ongoing debates and discussions. Articles are of exceptional quality and general interest from around the world.

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Current Issue

Volume 3, 2015


Sandra Dudley


Indigenous Australia: Enduring CivilisationA Personal Reflection
Howard Morphy

Special Section: Collections, Museums, Africa

Subtracting the Narrative: Trade, Collecting, and Forgetting in the Kongo Coast Friction Zone during the Late Nineteenth Century
Zachary Kingdon

Collecting the Asante: African Agency in a Pre-colonial Assemblage
Fiona Savage

Museums, Heritage, and Politics in the Cameroonian Grassfields
Silvia Forni 


Experimenting with Spatial-Material Strategies in Exhibition Design
Ane Pilegaard

Asian Design of the Spectacular: On Urban Imaginaries and the Artistic Creation of Museumscapes in Hong Kong and Seoul
Birgit Mersmann

In the Museum of the Museum
Mark Thurner


Meeting Reports

Return of the Native: Contestation, Collaboration and Co-authorship in museum spaces
Anna Edmundson and Margo Neale

Access is a Human Right: The Federation of International Human Rights Museums Conference, Te Papa, Wellington, 23–25 September 2015
Michèle Rivet, Brett Mason, Katie Kyung, and Rebecca Gibson

Project Reports

Narrative Objects: The Sakha Summer Festival and Cultural Revitalization
Alison K. Brown and Tatiana Argounova-Low

Object, Document and Materiality: Outline of an Ongoing Research Project
Maria Lucia de Niemeyer Matheus Loureiro

Museums beyond Homogeneity
Fredrik Svanberg and Charlotte Hyltén-Cavallius


Exhibition Reviews

Unsettling the National in South Asia: My East is Your West, Venice Biennale and After Midnight, Queens Museum, New York
Aparna Kumar

Nonstop Modernity: Renovating the Rijksmuseum
Mary Bouquet

A Storehouse of Unimagined Treasures: York Art Gallery and the Centre of Ceramic Art, York St. Mary’s
Alexandra Woodall

The Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart
Paulette Wallace

Indigenous Australia: Enduring Civilisation at the British Museum, London
Arjmand Aziz

Photography: A Victorian Sensation at the National Museums of Scotland, Edinburgh, and Framed: People and Place in Irish Photography at the Ulster Museum, Belfast
Elizabeth Edwards

Girls at the Tin Sheds: Sydney Feminist Posters 1975-1990, University Art Museum, Sydney, and Girls at the Tin Sheds (Duplicated), Verge Gallery, Sydney
Petra Mossman

Book Reviews

Bienkowski, Piotr, Communities and Museums as Active Partners: Emerging Learning from the “Our Museum” Initiative
John Reeve

Clifford, James, Returns: Becoming Indigenous in the Twenty-First Century
Ian Wedde

Mathur, Saloni and Kavita Singh eds. No Touching, No Spitting, No Praying: The Museum in South Asia; Ahmed, Hilal, Muslim Political Discourse in Postcolonial India: Monuments, Memory, ContestationPeterson, Derek K., Kodzo Gavua, and Ciraj Rassool, eds. The Politics of Heritage in Africa: Economies, Histories and Infrastructures; and Barnes, Amy Jane, Museum Representations of Maoist China: From Cultural Revolution to Commie Kitsch
Elizabeth Plumridge

Silverman, Ray, ed., Museum as Process: Translating Local and Global Knowledges; Onciul, Bryony, Museums, Heritage and Indigenous Voice: Decolonising Engagement; Levitt, Peggy, Artifacts and Allegiances: How Museums Put the Nation on Display; Murawska-Muthesius, Kataryna and Piotr Piotrowski, eds., From Museum Critique to Critical Museum; and Balzar, David, Curationism: How Curating Took Over the Art World and Everything Else
Conal McCarthy

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