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Mobility in History

The Yearbook of the International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility

Aims & Scope

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Since 2003 the International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility (T2M) has served as a free-trade zone, fostering a new interdisciplinary vitality in the now-flourishing study of the History of Mobility. In its Yearbook, Mobility in History, T2M surveys these developments in the form of a comprehensive state-of-the-art review of research in the field, presenting synopses of recent research, international reviews of research across many countries, thematic reviews, and retrospective assessments of classic works in the area. Mobility in History provides an essential and comprehensive overview of the current situation of Mobility studies.

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Current Issue

Volume 8, 2017


Mobilities and Representations: A Conversation with Peter Merriman, Colin Divall, Sunny Stalter-Pace, and Tim Cresswell
Dhan Zunino Singh and Mikkel Thelle


Toward an Anthropology of the Road
Dimitris Dalakoglou

Rhythm, Disruption, and the Experience of African Roads
Amiel Bize

On the Course of “Progress”: A Review of Literature on Road Building in Latin America
Michael K. Bess

Expertise in the Anthropology of Roads
Cheryl Croshere

Revisiting “Driving While Black”: Racialized Automobilities in a Settler Colonial Context
Georgine Clarsen


Urban Electric Public Transport in Eastern and Southeastern Europe: Toward a Historical Anthropology of Infrastructural Crises
Andrey Vozyanov

“Beachten Sie die Lücken”: Reviewing the Cultural Histories and Geographies of Public Transport in Berlin
Sam Merrill

Gender, Everyday Mobility, and Mass Transit in Urban Asia
Anru Lee


Histories of Transport Labor, Modes of Circulation, and Mobile Subjects in South Asia
Tarini Bedi

The Necessity of Slowing Time: Speed as a Bridge between Transport History and Mobility History
Etienne Faugier

Ports Matter: Supply Chain Logics and the Sociocultural Context of Infrastructure in Port Studies
Janell Rothenberg


How Are Aeromobilities Changing? Reviewing the Literature on European Airports
Jean-Baptiste Frétigny

In Search of the RV
David Burel

The German Automotive Industry since 1945: An Open Field of Research
Florian Triebel

Integration Studies in the Southern Cone
Alejandro Rascovan

Have the Good Times for Transport History Ended? A Scientometrical Study of Danish Transport History
Jørgen Burchardt

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