The International Journal of Travel & Travel Writing

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Editors: Maria Pia Di Bella, CNRS-IRIS-EHESS, Paris and Brian Yothers, University of Texas at El Paso

Journeys is an interdisciplinary journal that explores travel as a practice and travel writing as a genre, reflecting the rich diversity of travel and journeys as social and cultural practices as well as their significance as metaphorical processes. The dual focus on experience and genre makes Journeys unique among scholarly journals concerning travel and is intended to draw into conversation scholars in such varied disciplines as anthropology, literary studies, social history, religious studies, human geography, and cultural studies.

Indexed/Abstracted in: Expanded Academic ASAP, Infotrac Online, Literature Resource Center, Sociological Abstracts

Subjects: Anthropology, Travel Writing, Tourism

Current Issue

Volume 14, Issue 2, Winter 2013



Eva Johanna Holmberg and Chloë Houston

Early Modern Travel, Conversion, and Languages of “Difference”
Matthew Dimmock

Jews of All Trades: Jews and Their Professions in Early Modern English Travel Writing
Eva Johanna Holmberg

“I satt and saw”: Negotiating the Gaze in the Travel Writings of Anthony Munday and Thomas Dallam
Chloe Porter

Classifying the Natives in Early Modern Ethnographies: Henry Lord’s A Display of Two Foreign Sects in the East Indies (1630)
Amrita Sen and Jyotsna G. Singh

Self-Fashioning and Auto-Ethnography: Samuel Baron’s Description of Tonqueen (1686)
Anna Winterbottom