The International Journal of Travel and Travel Writing

Aims & Scope

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Editors: Maria Pia Di Bella, CNRS-IRIS-EHESS, Paris and Brian Yothers, University of Texas at El Paso

Journeys is an interdisciplinary journal that explores travel as a practice and travel writing as a genre, reflecting the rich diversity of travel and journeys as social and cultural practices as well as their significance as metaphorical processes. The dual focus on experience and genre makes Journeys unique among scholarly journals concerning travel and is intended to draw into conversation scholars in such varied disciplines as anthropology, literary studies, social history, religious studies, human geography, and cultural studies.

Subjects: Anthropology, Travel Writing, Tourism

Current Issue

Volume 15, Issue 2, Winter 2014



“Okay, I am going to try this now.” An Interview with Caryl Phillips about The Atlantic Sounds and The European Tribe
Nicklas Hållén

Traveling and Power: A Portuguese Viceroy’s Account of a Voyage to India
João Vicente Melo

John Carmichael’s Journey from Aleppo to Basra (1745): A Pluralized View of the Enlightenment Discourse of Improvement
Mohammad Sakhnini

The Cultural Heritage of Pilgrim Itineraries: The Camino de Santiago
Michael Murray

A Fold in the Road: Kerouac and the Temporal-Spatial Construction of Street Corner as Place in On the Road
Tara Chittenden


Stacy Burton, Travel Narrative and the Ends of Modernity (2014)
Reviewed by Nicklas Hållén

Chloe Chard, Tristes Plaisirs: A Critical Reader of the Romantic Grand Tour (2014)
Reviewed by David G. Farley

Hazel Andrews and Les Roberts, Liminal Landscapes: Travel, Experiences and Spaces In-between (2012)
Reviewed by Eduardo Chemin

Sharon Ouditt, Impressions of Southern Italy: British Travel Writing from Henry Winburne to Norman Douglas (2014)
Reviewed by Nathalie Hester

David Picard and Mike Robinson, eds., Emotion in Motion: Tourism, Affect and Transformation (2012)
Reviewed by Hazel Tucker

Noel Salazar, Envisioning Eden: Mobilising Imaginaries in Tourism and Beyond (2012)
Reviewed by Jonathan Skinner

Anna Fedele, Looking for Mary Magdalene: Alternative Pilgrimages and Ritual Creativity at Catholic Shrines in France (2013)
Reviewed by Ellen Badone

Antón M. Pazos, ed., Pilgrims and Politics: Rediscovering the Power of the Pilgrimage (2012)
Reviewed by Mariano Barbato

Denys Pringle, Pilgrimage to Jerusalem and the Holy Land, 1187–1291 (2012)
Reviewed by Guy Galazka