Journal of Romance Studies

Interdisciplinary Research in French, Hispanic, Italian and Portuguese Cultures

Aims & Scope

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Published in Association with the Institute of Modern Languages Research, School of Advanced Study, University of London.

The Journal of Romance Studies promotes innovative critical work in the areas of linguistics, literature, performing and visual arts, media, material culture, intellectual and cultural history, critical and cultural theory, psychoanalysis, gender studies, social sciences, and anthropology.

One themed issue and two open issues are published each year. The primary focus is on those parts of the world that speak, or have spoken, French, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese but work on other cultures is also included. Articles published in the journal cross national and disciplinary boundaries in order to stimulate new ways of thinking about cultural history and practice.

Subjects: Romance Studies, Literature, Cultural Studies

Forthcoming Issue

Volume 14, Issue 2, Summer 2014


SPECIAL ISSUE: Oceans: Concepts and Cultures

Charles Forsdick and Bill Marshall


Coming to terms with the past? The controversial issue of slavery in contemporary Mauritian fiction
Markus Arnold

Italian emigrant accounts of ocean crossings
Michele Campanini

Sovereignty as interconnection in Oceania? Perspectives from Kanaky/New Caledonia
Rowena Dickins Morrison

The African diaspora in Europe: New Atlantic routes and roots in the music of Concha Buika
Stuart Green

Liquid visuality: Douglas Sirk’s La Habanera and insular Atlantic studies
Francisco-J. Hernández Adrián

Floating signifiers: Cruise ships and the memory of other voyages
Richard Watts



The Indian Ocean as notion: Two models of oceanic analyses
Srilata Ravi