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Editor: Yoram Peri, Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies

Israel Studies Forum was relaunched in 2011 as the Israel Studies Review, under the editorship of Yoram Peri, Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies.

Israel Studies Review's predecessors, Israel Studies Forum and Israel Studies Bulletin, are now available on JSTOR!

Israel Studies Review (ISR) is the journal of the Association for Israel Studies, an international and interdisciplinary scholarly organization dedicated to the study of all aspects of Israeli society, history, politics, and culture.

ISR explores modern and contemporary Israel from the perspective of the social sciences, history, the humanities, and cultural studies and welcomes submissions on these subjects. The journal also pays close attention to the relationships of Israel to the Middle East and to the wider world, and encourages scholarly articles with this broader theoretical or comparative approach provided the focus remains on modern Israel.

One of the main tasks of the ISR is to review in a timely manner recent books on Israel-related themes, published in English and Hebrew. Authors and publishers are invited to send us their books for review consideration.

The Israel Studies Review editors fully recognize the passions and controversies present in this field. They are dedicated to the mission of the ISR as a nonpartisan journal publishing scholarship of the highest quality, and are proud to contribute to the growth and development of the emergent field of Israel Studies.

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Subjects: Israel Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Politics

Current Issue

Volume 29, Issue 2, Winter 2014

SPECIAL ISSUE: New Age Culture in Israel

Editor's Note

Guest Editors’ Introduction: New Age Culture in Israel
Rachel Werczberger and Boaz Huss


Ethno-national Identity and the New Age World View in Israel
Dalit Simchai

The End Begins in Me: New Forms of Political Action in Israeli Channeling
Adam Klin-Oron

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: The Shaping of a Community-Building Discourse among Israeli Pagans
Shai Feraro

The Place of Politics: The Notion of Consciousness in Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh’s Political Thought
Assaf Tamari

Hitbodedut for a New Age: Adaptation of Practices among the Followers of Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav
Tomer Persico

Spirituality under the Shadow of the Conflict: Sufi Circles in Israel
Chen Bram



An Intellectual Journey through the Civil-Military Relationship in Israel
Kobi Michael

Author’s Response to Galia Golan’s Review Essay on 1973: The Road to War
Yigal Kipnis



Daniel Bar-Tal and Izhak Schnell, eds., The Impacts of Lasting Occupation: Lessons from Israeli Society
Review by Ned Lazarus

Alan Craig, International Legitimacy and the Politics of Security: The Strategic Deployment of Lawyers in the Israeli Military
Review by Ariel Bendor

Joel S. Migdal, Shifting Sands: The United States in the Middle East
Review by Aharon Klieman

Miriam Fendius Elman, Oded Haklai, and Hendrik Spruyt, eds., Democracy and Conflict Resolution: The Dilemmas of Israel’s Peacemaking
Review by Jay Rothman

Eyal Levin, Ethos Clash in Israeli Society
Review by Gabriel Ben-Dor

Danielle Gurevitch, Elana Gomel, and Rani Graff, eds., With Both Feet on the Clouds: Fantasy in Israeli Literature
Review by Ari Ofengenden