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Berghahn Journals is the journals division of Berghahn Books, an independent scholarly publisher in the humanities and social sciences. A peer-review press, Berghahn is committed to the highest academic standards and seeks to enable innovative contributions to the scholarship in its fields of specialty.

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Getting Reacquainted with The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology

  We are delighted to announce that 2015 marks the fourth volume year that the Cambridge Journal of Anthropology has been published through Berghahn. The original journal of this name was an in-house publication based at Cambridge University, with a remit … Continue reading

Celebrate National Anthropology Day with Berghahn!

Today, the American Anthropological Association celebrates the first National Anthropology Day, which has been set to recognize the field of anthropology and the work of anthropologists within it.

Hot Off the Presses – New Journal Issues for January

Anthropology of the Middle East Volume 9, Issue 1 This issue focuses on the critical political anthropology of the Middle East.  

Using Mental Maps to Locate Austen

The following is the second in a series of posts on Jane Austen. This is a guest post written by James Brown, contributor to a special issue of Critical Survey which is devoted to the subject of Jane Austen. James Brown is the author of the article … Continue reading

Starting with Place: Understanding Characters and Experiences in Jane Austen’s Final Novel

The following is the first in a series of posts on Jane Austen. This is a guest post written by Rebecca Posusta, contributor to a special issue of Critical Survey which is devoted to the subject of Jane Austen. Rebecca Posusta … Continue reading

New to Berghahn!

Boyhood Studies

Boyhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal

Boyhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal is a peer-reviewed journal providing a forum for the discussion of boyhood, young masculinities, and boys’ lives by exploring the full scale of intricacies, challenges, and legacies that inform male and masculine developments. Boyhood Studies is committed to a critical and international scope and solicits both articles and special issue proposals from a variety of research fields including, but not limited to, the social and psychological sciences, historical and cultural studies, philosophy, and social, legal, and health studies. More Information...

Featured Journal

Environment & Society

Environment & Society:  

Environment and Society publishes critical reviews of the latest research literature on environmental studies, including subjects of theoretical, methodological, substantive, and applied significance. Articles also survey the literature regionally and thematically and reflect the work of anthropologists, geographers, environmental scientists, and human ecologists from all parts of the world in order to internationalize the conversations within environmental anthropology, environmental geography, and other environmentally oriented social sciences. The publication appeals to academic, research, and policy-making audiences alike. More Information...

Introducing EnviroSociety!

A multimedia site, EnviroSociety provides insights into contemporary socio-ecological issues with posts from top scholars in the social sciences that engage readers interested in current environmental topics. More Information...

Follow EnviroSociety on Twitter by clicking here

Journals Catalogs

  • Top Article Downloads

    January 2015

    1.  "i HATE HATE HATE being single" and "why is getting a bf so hard for me?": Reproducing heteronormative femininity on
    Girlhood Studies, v.2, #1, Summer 2009

    1.  Immaterial and industrial labor: On false binaries in Hardt and Negri's trilogy
    Focaal, v.2012, #64, Summer 2012

    3. Detachment as a corporate ethic: Materializing CSR in the diamond supply chain
    Focaal, v.2011, #60, Winter 2011

    4. Ethnicity without labels? Ambiguity and excess in “postethnic” Rwanda
    Focaal, v.2014, #70, Winter 2014

    5. Red salute at work: Brick factory work in postconflict Kailali, western Nepal
    Focaal, v.2014, #70, Winter 2014

    6. Geographical imagination and sociality of sailors of the Black Sea merchant fleet during the Cold War
    Focaal, v. 2014, #70, Winter 2014

    7. Ideology, history, and politics in service of repatriation: Pontic Greeks and Crimean Tatars
    Focaal, v.2014, #70, Summer 2014

    8. To Russia with love: Hope, confinement, and virtuality among youth on the Georgian Black Sea coast
    Focaal, v.2014, #70, Summer 2014

    9. Beyond Nature and Culture
    The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology, v.32, #2, Autumn 2014

    8. Ex Aqua: The Mediterranean Basin, Africans on the Move, and the Politics of Policing
    Theoria, v.61, #141, Summer 2014

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