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The International Journal of Social Quality

(formerly The European Journal of Social Quality)

Aims & Scope

Published in partnership with Zhejiang University and the International Association on Social Quality

The International Journal of Social Quality is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal which has a primary focus on the interpretation of social quality through a wide range of disciplines, including social policy, economics, sociology, law and legal studies, philosophy, political science, geography, health sciences, and public administration. The journal seeks to create a forum for scientists, researchers, policy makers, and practitioners to discuss issues related to social quality based on qualitative and quantitative methods, normative debate and action-oriented case studies. The journal also discusses the social quality theory and approach in comparison with other approaches such as the quality of life, social capital, human security, the capability approach, and the human development or social harmony approach. Special attention is given to global sustainability challenges addressed from the social quality and human security approach.

Current Issue

Volume 5, Issue 1




People, Planet, Power: Toward a New Social Settlement
Anna Coote

The Moral Economy of Digital Gifts
Dave Elder-Vass

Conditions for Social Entrepreneurship
Bert Helmsing

An Analysis of Social Capital Generation among Coalfield Residents in Harlan County, Kentucky 
Feng Hao

Methodology for Setting a Mexican User Satisfaction Index for Social Programs
Odette Lobato-Calleros, Humberto Rivera, Hugo Serrato, María Elena Gómez, Ignacio Méndez Ramírez

Seventeen Sightings of the "Social" in Economic Development Policy Writing
Raymond Apthorpe

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