Historical Reflections/Reflexions Historiques

Aims & Scope

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Senior Editor: Linda Mitchell, University of Missouri, Kansas City
Coeditor: Daniel Gordon, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Coeditor: W. Brian Newsome, Elizabethtown College

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Historical Reflections/Reflexions Historiques has established a well-deserved reputation for publishing high quality articles of wide-ranging interest for nearly forty years. The journal, which publishes articles in both English and French, is committed to exploring history in an interdisciplinary framework and with a comparative focus. Historical approaches to art, literature, and the social sciences; the history of mentalities and intellectual movements; the terrain where religion and history meet: these are the subjects to which Historical Reflections/Reflexions Historiques is devoted.

Subjects: History, Literature

Current Issue

Volume 40, Issue 2, Summer 2014


SPECIAL ISSUE: Religion(s) and the Enlightenment
Guest Editor: David Allen Harvey


Religion(s) and the Enlightenment
David Allen Harvey

Vitalistic Materialism and Universal Histories of Philosophy in the Contributions of Abbé Claude Yvon to the Encyclopédie
Jeffrey D. Burson

The Rise of Modern Paganism? French Enlightenment Perspectives on Polytheism and the History of Religions
David Allen Harvey

Rousseau’s Turban: Entangled Encounters of Europe and Islam in the Age of Enlightenment
Ian Coller

The Holy Mountain and the French Revolution
Ronald Schechter

Epilogue: Dichotomies Defied and the Revolutionary Implications of Religion Implied
Margaret C. Jacob