German Politics and Society

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Editor: Jeffrey J. Anderson, Georgetown University
Managing Editor/Book Review Editor: Eric Langenbacher, Georgetown University

German Politics and Society is a joint publication of the BMW Center for German and European Studies (of the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). These centers are represented by their directors on the journal's Editorial Committee.

German Politics and Society is a peer-reviewed journal published and distributed by Berghahn Journals. It is the only American publication that explores issues in modern Germany from the combined perspectives of the social sciences, history, and cultural studies.

The journal provides a forum for critical analysis and debate about politics, history, film, literature, visual arts, and popular culture in contemporary Germany. Every issue includes contributions by renowned scholars commenting on recent books about Germany.

Subjects: German Studies, Politics, Sociology, History, Economics, Cultural Studies

Current Issues

Volume 32, Issue 2, Summer 2014

SPECIAL ISSUE: The 2013 Bundestag Election (Part I)



Introduction: Merkel’s Nachsommermärchen?
Eric Langenbacher

Follow-up to the Grand Coalition: The German Party System Before and after the 2013 Federal Election
Frank Decker

Chancellor Hegemony: Party Politics and the Bundestag Party System after the 2013 Federal Election
Charles Lees

European Integration and Party Competition in German Federal Elections
Steven Weldon and Hermann Schmitt

The Politics of the Eurozone Crisis: Two Puzzles Behind the German Consensus
Wade Jacoby

Closing the Gap: Gender and Constituency Candidate Nomination in the 2013 Bundestag Election
Louise K. Davidson-Schmich


Volume 32, Issue 3, Fall 2014

SPECIAL ISSUE: The 2013 Bundestag Election (Part II)



Immigration into Politics: Immigrant-origin Candidates and Their Success in the 2013 Bundestag Election
Andreas M. Wüst

Many New Faces, but Nothing New? The Sociodemographic and Career Profiles of German Bundestag Members in the Eighteenth Legislative Period
Melanie Kintz

Small Parties and the 2013 Bundestag Election: End of the Upward Trend?
David F. Patton

Past Imperfect, Future Tense: The SPD Before and After the 2013 Federal Election
Jonathan Olsen

The Reluctant Cosmopolitanization of European Party Politics: The Case of Germany
Lars Rensmann

Merkel 3.0: German Foreign Policy in the Aftermath of the 2013 Bundestag Election
Jackson Janes