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French Politics, Culture & Society

Aims & Scope

FPC&S is the journal of the Conference Group on French Politics & Society. It is jointly sponsored by the Institute of French Studies at New York University and the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies at Harvard University

French Politics, Culture & Society explores modern and contemporary France from the perspectives of the social sciences, history, and cultural analysis. It also examines France's relationship to the larger world, especially Europe, the United States, and the former French Empire. The editors also welcome pieces on recent debates and events, as well as articles that explore the connections between French society and cultural expression of all sorts (such as art, film, literature, and popular culture). Issues devoted to a single theme appear from time to time. With refereed research articles, timely essays, and reviews of books in many disciplines, French Politics, Culture & Society provides a forum for learned opinion and the latest scholarship on France.

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Subjects: Contemporary French Studies, Politics, History, Sociology, Anthropology, Geography, Cultural Studies

Current Issue, Winter 2015

Volume 33, Issue 3


Emily Marker
Obscuring Race: Franco-African Conversations about Colonial Reform and Racism after World War II and the Making of Colorblind France, 1945–1950 

Jean-François Loudcher
Le  “système” Minjoz au prisme de la politique sportive municipale de Besançon (1945–1959): un gouvernement de compromis particulier

Jayson Harsin
Cultural Racist Frames in TF1’s French Banlieue Riots Coverage

Kathe Managan
"One Hand Washes the Other": Social Capital and the Politics of Leisure in Guadeloupean Associations


Alec G. Hargreaves
Empty Promises? Public Policy against Racial and Ethnic Discrimination in France


Amanda Garrett
Is Integration a Zero-Sum Game? Negotiating Space for Ethnic Minorities in Europe


Jessica Marglin
Divided Rule: Sovereignty and Empire in French Tunisia, 1881–1938 by Mary Dewhurst Lewis

Harry Gamble
Faith in Empire: Religion, Politics and Colonial Rule in French Senegal, 1880–1940 by Elizabeth Foster

Jennifer D. Keene
Harlem’s Rattlers and the Great War: The Undaunted 369th Infantry Regiment and the African Americans Quest for Equality by Jeffrey T. Sammons and John H. Morrow

Renée Poznanski
Pétain’s Jewish Children: French Jewish Youth and the Vichy Regime, 1940–1942 by Daniel Lee

Nicole Rudolph
The Social Project: Housing Postwar France by Kenny Cupers

Kathryn Kleppinger
French Moves: The Cultural Politics of Le Hip Hop by Felicia McCarren

Camille Robcis
The Politics of Adoption: Gender and the Making of French Citizenship by Bruno Perreau 


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