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Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology

Aims & Scope

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Focaal – Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology is a peer-reviewed journal advocating an approach that rests in the simultaneity of ethnography, processual analysis, local insights, and global vision. It is at the heart of debates on the ongoing conjunction of anthropology and history, as well as the incorporation of local research settings in the wider spatial networks of coercion, imagination, and exchange that are often glossed as "globalization" or "empire."

Seeking contributions on all world regions, Focaal is unique among anthropology journals for consistently rejecting the old separations between "at home" and "abroad," "center" and "periphery." The journal therefore strives for the resurrection of an "anthropology at large" that can accommodate issues of the global south, postsocialism, mobility, metropolitan experience, capitalist power, and popular resistance into integrated perspectives.

Introducing: FocaalBlog, which aims to accelerate and intensify anthropological conversations beyond what a regular academic journal can do, and to make them more widely, globally, and swiftly available.

Current Issue

Focaal 79, Winter 2017

Exploring the urban commons

Guest edited by Don Nonini and Ida Susser

Introduction: For or against commoning?
Ida Susser

Commoning in New York City, Barcelona, and Paris: Notes and observations from the field
Ida Susser

Theorizing the urban housing commons
Don Nonini

Reclaiming the streets: Black urban insurgency and antisocial security in twenty-first-century Philadelphia
Jeff Maskovsky

Incipient "commoning" in defense of the public? Competing varieties of fiscal citizenship in tax- and spending-related direct democracy
Sandra Morgen and Jennifer Erickson

Afterword: After the commons—commoning!
Don Kalb


Soft skills, hard rocks: Making diamonds ethical in Canada's Northwest Territories
Lindsay A. Bell

Fascism as a style of life: Community life and violence in a neofascist movement in Italy
Maddalena Gretel Cammelli

The racial fix: White currency in the gentrification of black and Latino Chicago
Jesse Mumm

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