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Focaal - Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology is a peer-reviewed journal advocating an approach that rests in the simultaneity of ethnography, processual analysis, local insights, and global vision. It is at the heart of debates on the ongoing conjunction of anthropology and history as well as the incorporation of local research settings in the wider spatial networks of coercion, imagination, and exchange that are often glossed as 'globalization' or 'empire'.

Seeking contributions on all world regions, Focaal is unique among anthropology journals for consistently rejecting the old separations between 'at home' and 'abroad' , 'center' and 'periphery'. The journal therefore strives for the resurrection of an 'anthropology at large', that can accommodate issues of the global south, post-socialism, mobility, metropolitan experience, capitalist power and popular resistance into integrated perspectives.

In Memoriam: Pattana Kitiarsa

In Memoriam: Franz von Benda-Beckmann

The forum section in Focaal Volume 2003, Issue 41 is available in recognition of Professor Benda-Beckmann's contributions to global anthropology.

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Current Issue, Focaal 68


Edited by Andrew M. Jefferson, Chris Garces, and Tomas Max Martin



Sensing prison climates: Governance, survival, and transition
Tomas Max Martin, Andrew M. Jefferson, and Mahuya Bandyopadhyay

Ecuador’s "black site": On prison securitization and its zones of legal silence
Chris Garces

Violence makes safe in South African prisons: Prison gangs, violent acts, and victimization among inmates
Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard and Sasha Gear

Managing without guards in a Brazilian police lockup
Sacha Darke

Reasonable caning and the embrace of human rights in Ugandan prisons
Tomas Max Martin

Postscript: Future directions for global prison research
Lorna A. Rhodes



From individual grief to a shared history of the Bosnian war: Voice, audience, and the political in psychotherapeutic practices with refugees
Laura Huttunen

Contested boundaries: Border disputes, administrative disorder, and state representational practices in Nicaragua (1936–1956)
Jennifer Alvey