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European Judaism

A Journal for the New Europe

Aims & Scope

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Published in association with the Leo Baeck College and the Michael Goulston Education Foundation.

For over 40 years, European Judaism has provided a voice for the postwar Jewish world in Europe. It has reflected the different realities of each country and helped to rebuild Jewish consciousness after the Holocaust.

The journal offers: stimulating debates exploring the responses of Judaism to contemporary political, social, and philosophical challenges; articles reflecting the full range of contemporary Jewish life in Europe, and including documentation of the latest developments in Jewish-Muslim dialogue; new insights derived from science, psychotherapy, and theology as they impact upon Jewish life and thought; literary exchange as a unique exploration of ideas from leading Jewish writers, poets, scholars, and intellectuals with a variety of documentation, poetry, and book reviews section; and book reviews covering a wide range of international publications.

"European Judaism makes an important contribution to the quest for a global ethic. It explores the inner workings of the Jewish world, with particular insight into the pyschological and spiritual challenges of life after the Shoah. But at the same time it is a medium for dialogue, examining in particular the relationship between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It is indeed a journal for the 'new' Europe."  —Prof. Dr. Hans Kueng, Tuebingen

"By setting current problems and issues against the background of tradition with such scholarly precision and insight, European Judaism is making an invaluable contribution to the effort to restore to European Jewry the continuity which was so tragically ruptured during the Holocaust." —Karen Armstrong

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Subjects: Jewish Studies

Current Issue

Volume 49, Issue 1, Spring 2016


Jonathan Magonet

The European Union for Progressive Judaism


Dutch Progressive Jews and their Unexpected Key Role in Europe
Chaya Brasz

Progressive Judaism in France
Stephen Berkowitz

Progressive Judaism in Austria
Evelyn Adunka

The Return of Liberal Judaism to Germany
Jan Mühlstein

Importing Divisionism instead of Diversity: A Personal Account of Jewish Rebirth in Prague
Martin Šmok

Post-war Progressive Judaism in Europe
Jonathan Magonet

Prayerbook Reform in Europe, Continued: Bibliography and Developments in Progressive Jewish Liturgy, 1967–2015
Annette M. Boeckler


The Sixty-fifth Anniversary of the Founding of WUPJYS
Henry Skirball

The Ninetieth Anniversary of the World Union for Progressive Judaism
Richard G. Hirsch

The World Union for Progressive Judaism – Youth Section: A Personal Footnote
Jeffrey Newman


WUPJ in the 1940s
Leo Baeck

WUPJYS in the 1950s
John D. Rayner, Henry F. Skirball, Colette Kessler

WUPJYS in the 1960s
Walter K. Goldsmith, S. Charles Lewson, Ronald Jacobs, Harold Vallins, Lionel Blue, Jonathan Magonet, Awraham Soetendorp, Jill Suss, M.R. Heilbron, Dow Marmur

From the Community

Fifty Years since the Czech Scrolls Came to the Westminster Synagogue
Jonathan Wittenberg

From the Pulpit

Liberale Judentum and British Reform Jews
Tony Bayfield

Book Reviews

Joseph Sherman (ed.), From Revolution to Repression: Soviet Yiddish Writing 1917–1952
Khayke Beruriah Wiegand

Lawrence A. Hoffman, Naming God: Avinu Malkeinu – Our Father, Our King
Jeremy Schonfield


A Prayer Room in Heathrow Airport

Burning Chometz

Commentary on the Crown Heights Riots

Police Protection, Passover 5767
Steven Sher

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