Democratic Theory

An Interdisciplinary Journal

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Editors: Mark Chou, Australian Catholic University
Jean-Paul Gagnon, Australian Catholic University
Associate Editors: Selen A. Ercan, University of Canberra
George Vasilev, La Trobe University

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Democratic Theory is a peer-reviewed journal published and distributed by Berghahn. It encourages philosophical and interdisciplinary contributions that critically explore democratic theory—in all its forms. Spanning a range of views, the journal offers a cross-disciplinary forum for diverse theoretical questions to be put forward and systematically examined. It advances non-Western as well as Western ideas and is actively based on the premise that there are many forms of democracies and many types of democrats.

As a forum for debate, the journal challenges theorists to ask and answer the perennial questions that plague the field of democratization studies:

  • Why is democracy so prominent in the world today?
  • What is the meaning of democracy?
  • Will democracy continue to expand?
  • Are current forms of democracy sufficient to give voice to “the people” in an increasingly fragmented and divided world?
  • Who leads in democracy?
  • What types of non-Western democratic theories are there?
  • Should democrats always defend democracy?
  • Should democrats be fearful of de-democratization, post-democracies, and the rise of hybridized regimes?  

For too long, the discourse of democracy has been colonized and predetermined by the West. Now more than ever there is a need to globalize—and by extension democratize—how we think about democracy: Democratic Theory provides the means for these essential debates to germinate and develop.

Subjects: Political Theory

Current Issue

Volume 1, Issue 2


SPECIAL ISSUE: The Crisis of Democracy: Which Crisis? Which Democracy?



The Crisis of Democracy: Which Crisis? Which Democracy?
Selen A. Ercan and Jean-Paul Gagnon


Is There a Crisis of Democracy?
Wolfgang Merkel

The “Democracy-Politics Paradox”: The Dynamics of Political Alienation
Gerry Stoker and Mark Evans

What Is the Nature of the Crisis of Democracy and What Can We Do About It
David Marsh

Crisis of Democracy? Recognizing the Democratic Potential of Alternative Forms of Political Participation
Brendan McCaffrie and Sadiya Akram


Family Squabbles: Beyond the Conflict-Consensus Divide
Henrik P. Bang

Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Live Without Them: Why Politicians Matter
Paul Fawcett

Can Democracy Survive the Rise of Surveillance Technology?
Giovanni Navarria

Deliberative Democracy: Bringing the System Back In
Michael Jensen

Citizen Forums in the Deliberative System
Andrea Felicetti


The Contemporary Crisis of Representative Democracy
Simon Tormey

Participation without Deliberation: The Crisis of Venezuelan Democracy
Nicole Curato

Niggling New Democracies in the Age of Individualization in Japan
Tetsuki Tamura and Yasuko Kobayashi

Forms of Political Participation Used within Forest Certification
Lain Dare

Failure in Representation at the Local Government Level?: A Case Study
Dugald Monro