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Aims & Scope

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Critical Survey addresses central issues of critical practice and literary theory in a language that is clear, concise, and accessible, with a primary focus on Renaissance and Modern writing and culture. The journal combines criticism with creative writing, including poetry, providing an essential resource for everyone involved in the field of literary studies.

"A superb journal, fast becoming 'required reading', especially for those interested in cutting-edge work in early modern studies." —Barbara Hodgdon, Drake University

"A lively, inventive and eminently readable journal." —Catherine Belsey

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Subjects: English-language Literature

Current Issue

Volume 29, Issue 3


Chaucer: Articles on Practice, Theory, Reading
Guest edited by C.W.R.D. Moseley

C.W.R.D. Moseley


'And gret wel Chaucer whanye mete': Chaucer's Earliest Readers, Addresses and Audiences
Sebastian Sobecki

Unhap, Misadventure, Infortune: Chaucer's Vocabulary of Mischance
Helen Cooper

The Pardoner's Passing and How It Matters: Gender, Relics and Speech Acts
Alex da Costa

String Theory and 'The Man of Law's Tale: Where is Constancy?
William A. Quinn

In Appreciation of Metrical Abnormality: Headless Lines and Initial Inversion in Chaucer
Ad Putter

'Tu numeris elementa ligas': The Consolation of Nature's Numbers in Parlement of Foulys
C.W.R.D. Moseley


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