Contributions to the History of Concepts

Aims & Scope

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Editor: Sinai Rusinek, Polonsky Academy, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

Contributions to the History of Concepts is the international peer-reviewed journal of the History of Concepts Group (formerly HPSCG). It is hosted and sponsored by the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.

The journal serves as a platform for theoretical and methodological articles as well as empirical studies on the history of concepts and their social, political, and cultural contexts. It aims to promote the dialogue between the history of concepts and other disciplines, such as intellectual history, history of knowledge and science, linguistics, translation studies, history of political thought and discourse analysis.

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CALL FOR PAPERS: 18th International Conference on Conceptual History

Subjects: History, Linguistics


Current Issue

Winter 2014, Volume 9(2)


Guest editors: Jan Surman, Katalin Stráner, and Peter Haslinger

Introduction: Nomadic Concepts—Biological Concepts and Their Careers beyond Biology
Jan Surman, Katalin Stráner, and Peter Haslinger

From Social to Biological Parasites and Back: The Conceptual Career of a Metaphor
Andreas Musolff

A Specter Is Haunting Germany—the French Specter of Milieu: On the Nomadicity and Nationality of Cultural Vocabularies
Wolf Feuerhahn

From Organisms to World Society: Steps toward a Conceptual History of Systems Theory, 1880–1980
Julian Bauer

Clones as Epistemic Objects: Conceptual Processes of the Configuration of Knowledge
Stefan Halft


Critique of the Modern Concept of Religion
A Review of Brent Nongbri, Before Religion: A History of a Modern Concept
Helge Årsheim

Historicizing the Connection between Blood and Kinship
A Review of Christopher H. Johnson, Bernhard Jussen, David Warren Sabean, and Simon Teuscher, eds., Blood and Kinship: Matter for Metaphor from Ancient Rome to Present
Nicole Hochner

Constantly Contested Freedom
A Review of Quentin Skinner and Martin van Gelderen, eds., Freedom and the Construction of Europe
Helena Rosenblatt

Revering Freedom
A Review of Anna Grześkowiak-Krwawicz, Queen Liberty: The Concept of Freedom in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Vilius Mačkinis

Reclaiming Liberty and Security as Universal Concepts
A Review of Conor Gearty, Liberty and Security
Søren Friis

Deparochializing National Character in Europe
A Review of Balázs Trencsényi, The Politics of “National Character”: A Study in Interwar East European Thought
Bogdan C. Iacob

A Semantic Analysis of Crisis
A Review of Janet Roitman, Anti-Crisis
Gennaro Imbriano