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Editor-in-chief: Maryon McDonald, University of Cambridge, UK

The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology is an international, peer-reviewed journal committed to publishing leading scholarship in contemporary anthropology. Geographically diverse articles provide a range of theoretical or ethical perspectives, from the traditional to the mischievous or subversive, and aim to offer new insights into the worlds in which we live. The journal will publish challenging ethnography and push hard at the boundaries of the discipline in addition to examining or incorporating fields—from economics to neuroscience—with which anthropology has long been in dialogue. The original journal of this name was an in-house publication based at Cambridge University, with a remit to provide a space in which innovative material and ideas could be tested. The new Cambridge Journal of Anthropology builds on that tradition and seeks to produce new analytical toolkits for anthropology or to take all such intellectual exploration to task.

Published twice a year, the journal features articles and book reviews in addition to an occasional ‘Reflections and Commentary’ section. Proposals for special issues and review articles are also welcomed.

Subjects: Anthropology

Current Issue

Volume 32 • Issue 2 • Autumn 2014



How Do Religions End? Theorizing Religious Traditions from the Point of View of How They Disappear
Joel Robbins

Aparecida Vilaça, Simon Coleman, Máire Ní Mhaonaigh, Don Seeman

Joel Robbins

Talk and Practice: Ethics and an Individual in Contemporary South India
Soumhya Venkatesan


SPECIAL SECTION - Risks, Ruptures and Uncertainties: Dealing with Crisis in Asia’s Emerging Economies

Guest Editors: Kirsten W. Endres and Maria Six-Hohenbalken

Introduction to Risks, Ruptures and Uncertainties: Dealing with Crisis in Asia’s Emerging Economies
Kirsten W. Endres and Maria Six-Hohenbalken

'My Generation Had It All Easy': Accounts of Anxiety and Social Order in Post-Mao Nanjing
Roberta Zavoretti

Marriage as Crisis: Revisiting a Major Dispute among Hadhramis in Indonesia
Martin Slama

Fictitious Kinship: Intimacy, Relatedness and Boundaries in the Life of Hanoi’s Migrant Domestic Workers
Minh T.N. Nguyen

Downgraded by Upgrading: Small-scale Traders, Urban Transformation and Spatial Reconfiguration in Post-reform Vietnam
Kirsten W. Endres

Suspicion and the Economy of Trust among Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon
Leonardo Schiocchet



Beyond Nature and Culture (Philippe Descola, trans. Janet Lloyd, 2013)
Martin Holbraad