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Anthropology of the Middle East

Aims & Scope

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Recent political events have shown an alarming lack of awareness in western countries of life in the Middle East. Anthropologists, trained in analysing local discourses and social actions and their socio-political and historical contexts, play an important role in making social and cultural developments in the Middle East more comprehensible to a wider world.

This peer-reviewed journal provides a forum for scholarly exchange between anthropologists and other social scientists working in and on the Middle East. The journal's aim is to disseminate, on the basis of informed analysis and insight, a better understanding of Middle Eastern cultures and thereby to achieve a greater appreciation of Middle Eastern contributions to our culturally diverse world.

Anthropology of the Middle East (AME) is published twice a year, in the spring and autumn. Issues are often themed and on occasion guest edited. Each issue contains articles on specific research projects and outcomes on Middle Eastern topics. A section titled "Notes from the Field" features research in progress. Book reviews and shorter reports on books, films and conferences are also included.

Popular Religious Practices and Perceptions (Volume 13, Issue 1)

Anthropology of Children in the Middle East (Volume 12, Issue 1)

Announcing the Zubaydah Ashkanani Prize!

Subjects: Anthropology, Middle Eastern Studies

Current Issue

Volume 11, Issue 1, Spring 2016

Special Issue: Human–Animal Relationships in the Middle East

Guest edited by Marjan Mashkour and Anahita Grisoni

Marjan Mashkour and Anahita Grisoni

Le loup dans l’Iran ancien: Entre mythe, réalité et exégèse zoroastrienne
Samra Azarnouche

A Purging Presence: The Dog in Zoroastrian Tradition
Mahnaz Moazami

Note on the Question of Animal Suffering in Medieval Islam: Muslim Mu‘tazilite Theology Confronted by Manichean Iranian Thought
Didier Gazagnadou

Donner la mort au gibier sur le territoire sacre de la Mecque
Hocine Benkheira

Des Dromadaires et des Hommes au Moyen-Orient: Identité et Modernité
Bernard Faye

Fair Exchange: Utilisation of Working Animals (and Women) in Ancient Mesopotamia and Modern Africa
Jill Goulder

Blood and the City: Animal Representations and Urban (Dis)orders during the ‘Feast of the Sacrifice’ in Istanbul and Khartoum
Alice Franck, Jean Gardin and Olivier Givre

Every Dog Has Its Day: New Patterns in Pet Keeping in Iran
Anahita Grisoni and Marjan Mashkour


Les mules, boucs émissaires du conflit Kurde
Gülcan Kolay

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