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Anthropological Journal of European Cultures

(formerly: Anthropological Yearbook of European Cultures)

Aims & Scope

Previously published as Anthropological Yearbook of European Cultures

Published since 1990, Anthropological Journal of European Cultures (AJEC) engages with current debates and innovative research agendas addressing the social and cultural transformations of contemporary European societies. The journal serves as an important forum for ethnographic research in and on Europe, which in this context is not defined narrowly as a geopolitical entity but rather as a meaningful cultural construction in people's lives, which both legitimates political power and calls forth practices of resistance and subversion. By presenting both new field studies and theoretical reflections on the history and politics of studying culture in Europe anthropologically, AJEC encompasses different academic traditions of engaging with its subject, from social and cultural anthropology to European ethnology and empirische Kulturwissenschaften.

In addition to the thematic focus of each issue, which has characterised the journal from its inception, AJEC now also carries individual articles on other topics addressing aspects of social and cultural transformations in contemporary Europe from an ethnographically grounded anthropological perspective. All such contributions are peer reviewed. Each issue also includes book reviews and reports on major current research programmes.


Subjects: Anthropology, Cultural Studies, European Studies

Current Issue

Volume 24 • Issue 2 • 2015


THEMATIC FOCUS: Urban Place-making Between Art, Qualitative Research and Politics

Guest Editors: Judith Laister and Anna Lipphardt

pARTiCI[TY]pate?! Negotiating the City at the Intersection of Art, Research and Urban Politics
Judith Laister and Anna Lipphardt

Understanding Urban Social Movements in Cognitive Capitalism: Methodological Reflections on Participatory and Ethnographic Research
Marion Hamm

Topographies of the Possible: Creating Situations and Spaces of a City’s Counter-narrative
Laila Huber

Creativity and Déjà vu in Maribor: Between Ethnography and the Construction of Heritage
Meta Kordiš
Working Together: Tracing the Making of Public Art as Part of Regeneration Practice
Julie Crawshaw

Rhythms of Global Urbanisation: Exploring Cosmopolitan Competences
Emil Abossolo Mbo and Cassis Kilian 

Test Run – Stop and Go: Mapping Nodes of Mobility and Migration
Michael Hieslmair and Michael Zinganel with Tarmo Pikner

General Article

Negotiating the Imagined Geography of Europeanness in Polish State Bureaucracies
Alexandra Schwell


Heijnen, A. (2013), The Social Life of Dreams: A Thousand Years of Negotiated Meanings in Iceland (Münster: LIT)
Claire Johnstone

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